Lirik Lagu Virus (Versi Inggris) SLANK

Posted by Nursaptia Purwa Asmara on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 with 1 comment
Don't ever wanna be a demon, which follows you arround
Don't ever wanna be some evil thing, leading you astray

For you to know me and so love me well, there's something you must know
And that's to show me your love is real, and take me as I am now
And forever more

I'm nothing like a raging fire, consuming your heart
Never wanna be like a bed of nails, piercing and wounding you

But I want to be open with you not to hurt you,
And thought the truth hurts, I must speak honestly
'Cause that's the way I am now, and forever more

Or I'll become like a virus which only brings you down